Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Moving date.

The days are speeding up towards our end goal and I'm still struggling with clearing out the garage. My sweet BF has helped me with some house repairs and so tomorrow I'll help him clear out his horse equipment. Apparently there are lots of saddles and rugs, that sounds like heaven to me, but the reality will probably involve a lot of spiders and a few mice!

Talking of mice, I'm wide awake at silly oclock because the rain drove another mouse inside (or did Bambam bring it?)! However it got there, I woke to sounds of a burglery in progress! The dog didn't react, so I knew it wasn't the postman crashing around inside so my second guess was cats!
I was nearly swept off my feet as I crept out of my bedroom fumbling for a light! The upstairs hall light died a couple of nights ago, so I nearly stepped on the furry bodies gathering for a slaughter! A little squeek let me know the mouse was fighting back and I managed to trap it in the bathroom inside a toilet roll and a t-shirt! I carried him to safety while the cats thoroughly checked out the bathroom.

So now I'm wide awake having cleaned the kitchen and disposed of last nights disastrous supper. I'm clearing out the freezer, but somehow it just never gets empty! All those containers of left overs are heartily rejected by Moomin and her brother and BF has made his opinion clear on frozen food other than basic ingredients like chicken or fish (or sometimes chips!).  So the supper started out bad and I should have just given it to the chickens (veg stew of some kind) but no, I had a curry in mind. But there comes a time when you have to stop throwing good food at bad and hoping for an average result. It wasn't even that! I now have heartburn which is better than feeling very sick which I did before the mouse adventure!

I have to be up in three hours, but as I already am I'm left with a conundrum!!!

The fleece is nearly dry and Fae is doing her best job as quality control expert. She confirms that it's warm and fluffy <3


  1. hi Yarrowe! i love your blog, too and will enjoy going back through all of your posts!

    a new friend!
    kymber (from framboise manor)

  2. i am not sure why my name came up as "cymbre" when i hit your follow button???? but it's kymber from framboise manor.

  3. Thank you Kymber, it's still spelling it wrong!

    Welcome to my blog :D

  4. i really likes your blog and You have shared the whole concept really well. and Very beautifully soulful read! thanks for sharing.