Friday, 28 April 2017

Bits and bobs.

This week I've been finishing off things around the house, last minute painting jobs some minor repairs and finally a new fence to stop Manchee from escaping!

I've also discovered a new way to dispose of the UFO's (UnFinished Objects, as in crafts)! I've selected the knited ones that I really like and put them in my knitting basket and I've simply unpicked the rest! Job done!  Other crafts, as in sculptures, are posing a bigger problem, so they'll have to wait a bit longer.
This scarf is waiting to be knitted and is spurring me on to finish the socks and next shawl.
I can't share the socks progress as they've been unpicked for the THIRD time! There seems to be an issue with the pattern, so I'm following someone on Youtube and making my own pattern as I go.

Last weekend we took the boys to the beach. It was freezing!!! They didn't care and although Walley dived straight in, Manchee was happy to lark about with a stick :D
I don't normally like him to play with sticks, but he did have so much fun with his new found treasure,
and look! He's even dipped his feet in the water!  The tide had gone so far out that we could have walked for miles to find it, but it was just getting too cold to hang around.
The sun did come out on Monday though and Bo had a lovely sleep in the sun. I got down and cuddled him which shows a great deal of trust from him, but then he's always been my baby right from when he was born <3
Toffee and Merlin wasted no time sleeping, they had serious eating to do!
Things are moving along nicely in France, but sadly not so much in England! I've barely had anyone through the door, but that seems to be a Marketing issue! I think I may advertise the house myself, I couldn't do a worse job than my Agent!!!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

When two households merge.

When we all move to France, there will be a hectic period of introducing all our animals to each other as both myself and the boyfriend have accumulated quite a few animals over time!!!
One member of the 'brood' I've not mentioned before is Echo. She's a Boxer cross Rhodesion Ridgeback. She's a very strong character indeed and I'm not at all sure how she'll react to my 6 cats, or how they'll react to her!
In the background you can just see Murray. He's very old and we're not sure how the move will affect him, so for now, we're not really thinking about it!
 As I've mentioned before, Walley and Manchee get on really well, a bit of a bromance even!!! Walley has met some of the cats with mixed outcomes, but nothing to worry about. At the end of the day, we'll just have to allow them all to adjust slowly and try not to be too stressed about it all!
We haven't even begun to discuss ponies, as there will be seven all told and all with very strong personalities. I think things could get very interesting around here!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Moving house or our big French Adventure.

I can finally announce that a big move is on the cards. We are moving to France :D
This is our little house and last week we signed the papers to make our dream a reality.
 The grey slate building will be run as a holiday Gite and in time we'll add a couple more rooms to our business so that I can run painting and healing courses in a secluded and peaceful setting.
Behind the barn is our land up to the distant treeline. Our horses and ponies are coming with us <3
 This little corner in the garden will be for meditation or most likely a favourite with the cats.
 At the moment it's covered in Camelia blossoms.
 Nearby is our favourite bar at Pont Samoel. Moomin enjoyed her visit and took lots of pictures of the wildlife around the lake. The bar is in the distance behind her.
 At the farthest end of the lake is a peaceful spot where I lay on a rock and meditated in the sun.
 There were a few sculptures around the lake but this one had us baffled!
 On our usual walk along the river there were so many trees down from a hurricane in March.
 We clambered and climbed our way along the path.
 Apparently it was the worst storm in over 40 years!
 Back at our headquarters I took the time to finish the Interminable shawl. There is no TV or internet and it's absolutely peaceful and perfect for getting things done.
 I'm so happy with how the shawl turned out and realised that it was so heavy to work with because I should have used worsted weight wool instead of extra chunky! No wonder my poor hands struggled with it!
I'm pleased with it though, so I've started another in the proper weight wool and it's galloping along!

So that's the start of our adventure. The next few months will fly by and we'll soon be living a new life!  In the meantime, I need to carry on clearing out and I forsee many trips to the tip!!!

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Two posts in one morning! Whatever next?

I forgot to mention that when I was doing my fortnightly shop, I accidentally fell into a wool shop! I needed the black and white chunky to finish the Shawl and although it's not a perfect match, it will do! I don't know how I ended up with the other wools, they were just too yummy to pass, so I guess they fell into my basket!!! (along with another set of sock needles, oh dear!).
 I then found these cute wrist warmers on Pinterest. There was no pattern but as it's crochet, I'm pretty sure I can work one out. I love them and can't wait to get started, but so many other jobs have to happen first. My kitchen looks like Gordon Ramsay had a tantrum in there, so that's first on the list and then the windows.....

Out the other side!

Last week was awful, too much to really think about honestly. I spent most of the days in bed or trying a little knitting from the sofa. At some point over the weekend I suddenly felt like I was emerging and managed to do a tiny bit of gardening and sit in the sun with my cuppa. The sun is out today and I can see just how badly my windows need cleaning. I definitely feel like I'm solar powered and the energy is beginning to come back to me :D

We had Tacos night, inspired by some of Rain's lovely recipes. Mine was the little burrito on the left as my appetite has been off and on the right was Moomins pile of tortillas with spicey beef, cheese and jalapenos. She layered it like a lasagne and then finished it off in a hot oven.
 I just had mine with some salad and sour cream. It was very, very good and comforting.
 The following night I helped make a risotto. Chorizo in red wine and stock. I love the slowness of risotto. It can't be rushed, you have to stand and nurture it to the very end, when you stir in a handful of parmesan, a few herbs and pile it into bowls. More comfort food :D
 Piper was enjoying the peace of the hot sun, but at the last minute needed to come to me for a cuddle, otherwise this would have been a gorgeous pose :D
 Yesterday wasn't so great outside, or maybe I just was feeling the need for a quiet day (again!). I decided to conquer the Interminable Shawl! I had to start the colour change early as my main wool was starting to run out and I couldn't find an exact match! That's what comes from using left overs.
I still think it will be plenty big enough, but whether it was the lulling sound of Wardruna on the stereo, or the repetitive rows, growing ever longer, I didn't finish the shawl, I fell asleep!!!
I think I'll finish it today, but as the sun is out, I'll do a little gardening first.
I have the whole new series of Walking Dead on 'Catch up', so I can see myself indulging in a little TV and knitting time later :D