Saturday, 20 October 2018

Time flies!

I really don't know where the last month has gone! I've been so busy with the house and the animals that I've barely had the time or energy to write a blog post. I find I need a lot of mental energy to sit and write and that seems to have been the first thing that went!
I can see a little light now that certain rooms are sorted and  the kitchen is underway :D

The biggest task has been to transform the loft into a cosy bedroom and living space for my son. He was sleeping in the old lounge which is almost the kitchen. My lovely man has worked his socks off doing all of this by himself!
First the floor went down.
 The the loft was insulated and new boards were added.
The two big cross beams were removed and replaced by uprights, but I still walked into the down beams at least once a day! A false wall was installed at one end to hide the water tank and to create a little walk in wardrobe on the left.
All of the painting was then down to me and that is a lot of wood to treat, believe me! The white plasterboard wasn't so hard on my neck as the ceiling was!
 Finally I got to play with moving furniture around. The space to the right is awaiting the new window and will be the office corner.
 The sleeping end is really cosy and all of the animals have thoroughly checked it out!

The next job now is the kitchen. This is what it looked like when it was the lounge.

More updates soon, now I just want to visit you all and find out what you've been up to in the last month :D