Sunday, 27 October 2019


Three posts in one weekend, have I broken my writing slump? I hope so. I much prefer blogging to most other social media, although I do like browsing Instagram when my brain is tired.

So last nights dinner was so good that I almost forgot to take pictures of the cooked pizza!
This is how mine started, totally loaded!
 I only ate half and then remembered to take a picture! I'll have the rest for lunch today. My pizzas always remind me of the joke about the Dalai Lama. Sorry if you've heard it before.
The Dalai Lama goes into a pizza restaurant and says 'make me one with everything', hehe, simple jokes always get me!
 I had enough dough to make a small loaf for todays breakfast. It's not cooked in this picture! My lovely man is making a cooked breakfast, it's a new Sunday tradition. It's not always a full english, it just depends on how we feel. Today we have kidneys from the lamb we bought from a farmer friend, tomatoes from our neighbour and eggs from our chickens. Food miles about 5 for the lamb!
Sundays are always so quiet here as everything shuts down for a day of rest. In the bigger towns some shops open until lunchtime, but we flatly refuse to get into that routine of last minute this and that! We shop once a week or fortnight only and that's usually because we're low on cat food!

Edited to add: Our breakfast.

I hadn't realised we were having a sausage and as that came from England, food miles out of the window, haha :D

Have a lovely peaceful day all.x


  1. Okay, I didn't get that Dalai Lama joke. It could be because I'm having a fuzzy brain day. It's hard to process thoughts today.
    Every Saturday or Sunday I make a huge breakfast for David and myself. Sometimes we have friends and family over to join us.. This morning I made sauteed potato slices with onion and button mushrooms, Luling sausage and bacon and eggs over easy with toast. Next weekend I'm making clotted cream from scratch to go with my favorite orange scones. David loves when I make scones.

  2. Your pizza looks delicious! Don't think I could have left any on the pan. Would you believe I am married to a man who doesn't care for pizza? Drives me crazy. He will eat a piece or two occasionally, to keep me happy.

  3. Oh golly, Leanna, that all sounds sooo yummy :D
    The joke is a play on the concept of zen and living in the moment and feeling your connection to everything, hence the saying 'to be one with everything'. You are aware of your connection to every living thing in the universe :D Very long explanation, sorry.x

  4. Henny Penny, I would use that excuse to eat it all. No one can come between me and my food! I'm a bit of a Joey from friends, eek!

  5. Homemade pizza, bread and huge breakfast (though I'm American enough to think kidneys are just a bit weird for breakfast) -- nice! Today I'm making pralines to send grandchildren.

    1. Pam, a lot of english people would agree with you! It's either love or hate with offal!

  6. My man doesn't care for pizza either. If I make it, his topping has to be bacon with cheese over . . . Sigh!

    Pizza and bread look SO good.