Tuesday, 20 October 2020

I bought a harp!

Ibought this little beauty a month ago and have been so anxious waiting for her to arrive. I can play a little bit, but now I have more strings to practice fully. I'm very happy. Yes, I should have bought a new mattress for our bed, but hey ho!!!

I probably won't get much alone time with my harp until after school half term as we have students for  2 weeks, but I may have a little play when everyone has gone to bed. I'm not really up to performing to an  audience and listening to scales gets old real fast!

Our student this week  is a little poppet and so extremely helpful. He is wonderful with the animals and has an apptitude for art. I'm having such fun. I hope next weeks student is as good, but I doubt I'll be that lucky! Fingers crossed.

My post in the summer about the students was really quite grumpy but I was in pain and life was getting me down a bit. Well, me and the rest of the world, I expect!!!

I am moving into a new phase with my beloved Manchee and I'm being taught a huge lesson in acceptance!

He is struggling as he's getting older and has developed arthritis in a front leg. I suspect it's from a fall when we first arrived at this house. He tried to jump off the conservatory roof to chase Dexter who at that time was still quite feral. I'm learning to adapt how I go out and let Manchee be the guide to how far we walk. It's not easy seeing a valued and loved fur baby getting older, but I suspect Manchee still has quite a bit of mileage left <3

 I've spent the whole day painting and teaching and I even managed to squeeze in a little baking. These boys need to keep their strength up and I'm exhausted just trying to keep up with him, lol!






Sunday, 18 October 2020

I fixed my phone, YAAY :D

My hair was getting sooo long that it took two days to dry and by then it was ready to wash again! I chopped it all off and then went to an actual hairdresser, lol! We were chatting and I kept saying 'yeah a bit more...' and then suddenly it was a bit too short! Never mind, it will grow back :D


So I'm hoping to be back to normal blogging and so sorry for losing touch with everyone.x