Friday, 25 August 2017

We're here!

I have possibly 5 minutes left of internet before it all goes again. We've arrived safely, the animals are stressed and stressing us, but gradually getting more used to our surroundings. The cats won't be let out for a good long while so they're constantly at each others throats!!!

I've made bread today and will start a little art work later if possible. First though, I need to do more tidying up!

This was the kitchen.
 Now it's a lounge/kitchen so that lovely son can have a temporary bedroom in the dining room until the loft is converted.
 Old beds left behind.
 Along with a marble top dressing table.
 Decoration on the art Nouveau or Deco wardrobe.
 Another old wardrobe in Moomins room which is slowly taking shape.
Back soon when there's more internet. I'm missing you all.x