Tuesday, 21 April 2020

New World.

This is a strange world we're living in at the moment and I have to admit to feeling very insecure. I would love to have called this post Brave New World, but I'm not sure how many of us are feeling that way at the moment. So many people are in denial!

I was back in England just a few days before France closed it's borders and I was very lucky to be on the last ferry back across the channel.
It was a very frightening experience from the moment I first arrived in England and watching with horror the news from my Hotel room. We had been pretty insulated in France as we don't have TV other than Netflix and I don't believe everything I read online either! I felt very alone and vulnerable and hated having to tell my children that my trip might be cut short. I had a message from Brittany ferries to tell me that my return crossing had been cancelled and I was sick with worry at being trapped in England, away from my lovely man and our animals. I can't praise Brittany ferries enough as they reassured me and squeezed me onto the last ferry back to France. It was a horrible ordeal as we were all confined to cabins and given repeated advice and warnings over the loudspeakers. I'm not exagerating when I compare it to a scene from a movie, only this was very real and I was glad that I'd packed sandwiches and a bottle of wine! The wine came in handy when the people in the cabin next to me decided to have a little party! I had a big gulp, got dressed and went and banged on their door. Talk about sheepish!!! I didn't hear another word from them all night and slept like a log!

So what is the future holding for us as we move forwards? I really can't say and our life here has been turned on it's head before it's even begun. We have a little left of our budget but our income from the holiday Gite will not happen this year and as all markets have been suspended I've not been able to sell any of my works either! I have other ideas, but as many people will also have insecure wages, I'm not sure who I'll be selling to! Thankfully we have the farm, our veg seedlings are doing very well and our remaining chickens are still laying, so we won't go hungry. But long term, who knows?

I'm very glad that we moved the horses when we did as not only is it difficult getting their feed, but we need to save as much money as possible.

I didn't mean this to be a negative post, just rambling thoughts about the situation at the moment. How is it affecting you all?