Saturday, 31 July 2021

Thinking out loud.


Last year, a visitor to our farm took a series of photographs and made up a little book for us. I was over the moon and so happy with how it all looks and to see our achievements in print is something very special.

Life has changed so much for us since moving to France and the world outside our bubble has changed as people struggle to come to grips with everything that's happened. It's not just the virus we're all facing together, it's the realisation that Climate change issues are very real and important and we can't keep our heads in the sand forever. Some people though are determined to do that and of course, that's their right but it's going to get them in the end! I wonder how many people have completely changed their lives in view of the last year and a half?

As I head into a week off, I'll be thinking more and more about our future and how we move ahead. We need to be earning an income but I still don't want to rent out our Gite to lots of different people. The reasons are varied, and the virus gave me time to really think about how I feel about having strangers in my space. I'm a solitary person by nature and although I like to see people and chat occassionally, my home is my refuge and I like to be very private and quiet. Having students here has drained me in ways that I struggle to explain without sounding so anti-social! However, the bills must be paid and the animals cared for, so my thinking cap will be on as I plan next year. Thankfully the students have covered our finances for the winter and T is earning enough for our weekly expenses, so all is good for now ๐Ÿ˜

Friday, 30 July 2021


I managed to get a bit of sketching done yesterday as my student was tired & needed a quiet afternoon. I have a friend who is going into hospital this week so I drew a very quick sketch of a wolf for her as she loves them so much. Boy am I out of practice!!!

We've been making cordage from nettles this week and it's a lot of work but really quite addictive.  I'll be making more over the weekend once I have some time to myself.

The student leaves later today & I'm keen to get on with some neglected tasks. The garden needs tidying & I need to make some shelters for the chickens so that they can free range again without being picked off by the buzzard!!! He's only taken one of my girls but that hasn't stopped him from returning to try for the others!!!

I also have some jewellery to make as I'll be getting back to selling my products online soon & I have a couple of Christmas markets to plan for. Have a lovely weekend everyone ๐Ÿ˜


Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Thank you.

 Thank you to everyone for the lovely welcome back. I'm so looking forward to getting back into blogging again and reading about everyone's adventures since my break. 

At the moment I have another French student staying with me, so my time is dictated by the activities I must do to help them with their English. Most of the students want to play with the horses or do crafts which is good for me as I still get to do a little of my work. Yesterday we tried weaving with nettles. It was great fun but hard on my arthritic knuckles!!! I'll definitely do more, but maybe try spinning instead of using the twist method.

I'll be back with more news and hopefully some pictures, I hope I can navigate the new blogger layout better than last time :D

Have a lovely day all <3

Sunday, 25 July 2021

I'm back!

 I've missed you all so much, dear friends in Blogland and I've decided to come back to the fold. 


Life here has been so crazy and busy and I've  often taken on far more than I could handle. I've had a major burnout but sometimes that's what we need to step back and see the actual reality of a situation.

Since moving to France, my life has changed so much and in many wonderful ways, but also, it's been hard and painful and this blog, my safe little page, is the only place that I feel comfortable sharing my stories, without judgement or harsh comments from others.

I'm ready to be the story teller again and share my adventures with you if you want to join me. It doesn't matter if you comment or not, this is my diary for myself, first and foremost. But if you do want to say hello then I would be glad of your company <3