Thursday, 30 June 2016

It's been a while.

Work and inconsistent health has kept me from posting, but not from walking! Since my last post, we seem to have visited the coasts a lot. It's been so good for dogs and humans alike.

The retrreating tide meant that we could walk back this way after a rest in our favourite Inn on the waterfront.
 This lovely little place is very welcoming to dogs and is quite nice for people too!
On the way back Manchee took the high road as the stones hurt his little feet!
Walley knew he was up there, somewhere!

The following week the weather had improved so much that we risked a picnic at Kingley Vale. 

We sat on ancient barrow mounds and ate pies and sandwiches. The dogs had biscuits and shared a little of our lunch. It was almost a 2hour hike to get there and they were flagging on the return and slept well in the car.
The biggest mound was where we sat and I could have stayed all day enjoying the peace and stillness.
For supper I learned to make tortellini.
Tiny pasty shapes, folded around a riccotta and herb filling.

Served with a rich tomato and meat sauce. Divine :D