Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Christmas 2020

 Well, what a freaking year it's been! I'm so glad that it's nearly over, but to be honest, we've had a really easy ride compared to so many people. This is not me being smug and patting myself on the back, oh no, I'm seriously counting my blessings when our finances ground to a shuddering halt and life looked very dire in the shadow of Brexit! However, we have our health and our animals continue to slog on, costing a fortune but bringing so much happiness, mostly!!!

We added to our animal family this year with the sheep and then last week the final piece fell into place when we collected our two little goats <3 They travelled in the back of my car, just like the sheep :D

I do not know what is going on with blogger, but uploading pictures has changed and editing is different, so I'm one step closer to just moving over to Youtube, despite my previous disastrous attempts!!!  Ah well, hopefully, this is Fleur and Roxy in their paddock!

Fleur is the light golden colour and Roxy is dark brown. They are both Golden Guernsey but Roxy may have some Alpine in there, breeding over here is a bit relaxed!

So now we are pretty much on the road to being self reliant, as the older of the two goats, Roxy is hopefully with kid which will mean milk for us from the end of April and of course cheese and butter and maybe a little surplus for making soap.

I made some gifts for my children in the UK and they were sent via a friend returning to live in the UK. I'm so grateful to them as none of my other gifts reached their destination, a combination of French system and Covid shutting down the uk postal services! My daughter called her Faery 'Fern' and my son was very happy with his Totoro :D

So my business plans are ticking along but due to the painful process of Brexit, who knows how I'll be affected. I'm not dwelling on that!

I would like to wish you all a prosperous New Year and one filled with good health and safety <3


  1. Happy New Year Yarrow!! :) Oh goats...they are adorable, what a wonderful addition to your family!!!

  2. Happy New Year!! Yes it has been a hard year, and as you said, many have had it worse than I. Glad to hear you're still doing business planning, I hadn't thought how Brexit might affect you. oh how I wish I could get a goat, but not for a while yet, it would drive my sister's service dog berserk! Chickens have to wait too. Ah well, to everything there is a season....
    The toys are so cute, Even I, not really a fan, instantly recognized Totoro!
    I too have been frustrated with Blogger....who the heck gets to put the pictures in order, them or me? Them obviously, and then I have to figure a work around and preview to be sure its good, and even then it is a roll of the dice whether or not its the same. Huh.