Sunday, 22 January 2017


I've been ill! That's all I'll say on the matter, but today is the first time in ages that I've felt like cooking so I'll be pottering (shuffling) about in the kitchen and later, there may be good food, I hope!

If I didn't have a boyfriend who was an incredible cook, I could have starved ;)
Sorry for the naughty spiraliser picture, but it did make me laugh!!!
 Then he did that Jaimie Oliver thing with the courgettes, mushrooms and veg, where it gets flipped in the pan. When I try it, the dog gets to pick it up off the floor!
 The finished product, chinese pork with veg and rice noodles coated in a lovely homemade sauce, sort of hoy sin.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Juice and the interminable shawl.

Diet is very important to me as I try to be careful not to give the Fibro any excuse to hit me. After a few excesses at Christmas I decided to treat my system to some good wholesome juice. I don't waste the pulp that comes from the juicer, I mix it with porridge and cook it up for the chickens, they love it :D
The weather has been awful this weekend, so there has been no chance to get out for a proper walk. The dog has been for a quick stroll around the village, wearing his little waterproof coat, but it's not enough for either of us!
A hearty chicken casserole with lots of paprika, honey, orange juice, garlic and vegetables is just what's needed on a damp and chilly day. The honey and orange juice reduce down to make a lovely sticky barbeque sauce. We had it with hassleback potatoes, which are divine sprinkled with crunchy fresh ground salt and pepper.
As we've not managed to get out I've been sitting in and knitting. However, the shawl is just growing bigger and yet I only seem to be halfway through the pattern! When it's done though, it should be very warm and snuggly. I'm hoping to have it finished before our next visit to France.
Manchee had to be in this picture, reclining in front of the fire :D
A close up of the shawl, it's so worth the effort but I'm being (easily) tempted to do a little crocheting to use up my stash.

I found this gorgeous blanket on Pinterest, it's very like the style from Attic 24, so I'm thinking it might be one of Lucy's. It's gorgeous and something I'll be aiming for!

Monday, 2 January 2017

This is a rant.

I'm back to work tomorrow. The holidays have barely been long enough for me to sufficiently get my energy levels back and for some reason tonight is the night the animals choose to play up!

It's late. The cats are mounting increasing attempts to break down bedroom doors, not just mine but I can hear them digging away at the wood paneling, accompanied by the occassional mournful wail. The dog managed to filch a couple of chicken bones from the bin, despite a heavy carton of cat food tins placed on top to stop him accomplishing this task. He is now laying beside me belching and retching. In despair I got up and put him in the garden to be sick. Instead he chased phantom intruders around in the dark and ran back inside muddy but still full of chicken bones.

So what now? I have a glass of port to help calm me down, but it's not working. Another big belch from the dog has me reaching for the bottle as I simultaneously grab a wad of kitchen roll. Nothing! How long do I sit here like this seething and worrying?

I love my animals, of course I do, they add so much colour, magic and love to my life, but tonight I could do with a little less of the drama. It's like living in a Bette Davis movie where I'm the anti heroin throwing myself onto the bed begging for sleep but instead just getting more of the same!  Where's that bottle of port?