Saturday, 26 October 2019

Trash tonight!!!

What a difficult few weeks it's been but, slowly, and with optimism the mojo is returning :D
So when my lovely man asked if it was trash night tonight, I readily agreed. I'd gotten the dates all muddled on the other post anyway, just a product of an over bothered mind, I suppose!

It's not really trash, but it's a treat for us anyway, so we're having loaded pizzas. Usually I just make bread for breakfasts and sandwiches, so pizzas get left behind. Today though, we're out of bread, it's been raining since four pm and I've been in the kitchen.

I didn't even get to the woods for the firewood, instead I started collecting chestnuts and was interupted by neighing from a neighbouring field. Odd, I thought, sounds very close to be the far off neighbours horse! Then my boys started calling back and my suspicions grew. I went to have a look and sure enough, Flash The Naughty was in another field, not ours! 20 minutes later and order was restored but the rain was coming down in sheets! I quickly filled the bucket with chestnuts, helped by Dexter on my shoulder, sheltering in my hood, and struggled back to the house to unload. Dexter had gone in search of dinner and I had a long lie down with the kitten <3

Have I mentioned how much I love the kitten?  All of my animals are very special and have a huge place in my heart, but the kitten just gives me such a warm and fuzzy feeling <3

Tomorrow I'll share pictures of our dinner :D


  1. your kitten is so cute. Warm fuzzies are wonderful.

  2. I love how you write! The little entry about gathering chestnuts, well, I could read that over and over. The kitten is so adorable. I spent time reading back over some of your older posts. Could have stayed longer but needed to get busy. You have such a kind heart...amazing, all the animals you have rescued and the poor little abused doggie. Thank you taking him in. I will try not wear out my welcome. :)

  3. You're more than welcome to visit and comment, Henny, it's nice to know I'm not always talking into the void.x

  4. Kitties are so nice to cuddle with and that one is such a cutie!