Thursday, 10 May 2018


Some routines are very hard to break. When we first moved in, the winter was on our heels and even though we enjoyed good weather for a long time, the mornings were dark and we were tired from the stresses of the move. We got into the habit of taking a cup of tea back to bed, to sip in the darkness until the sky eventually lightened.
Through the winter, I struggled with the fibro and T would make the tea and bring it up to me. It's been a lovely routine but with the start of the bright mornings it seems a little indolent to lie in bed while the animals are all busy outside.
So I've made some small changes. I get up early, put the kettle on to boil then let the chickens out and top up their food bowl. Next I give Jerry and Toffee a pack of haylage (Toffee has been ill again and Jerry is still so thin so they're in a paddock together) and then I divide another pack of haylage between the other ponies. We've stopped buying hay as it just gets wasted, next year we should have enough grass!  By this time the kettle is boiled and I let the tea brew while I feed the cats, they just have a tin and a big bowl of biscuits between them as too much meat encourages the flies. Then, the tea is taking up to bed where I do some research and blogging on my laptop and T goes through his French lessons. It's still a relaxed start to the day, but doesn't feel like a waste of time.

Today the sun is high in a gorgeous sky and I have mulching to do and then wool to clean, so I won't be hanging around too long :D

 This is number 8 cat, he thinks he's moving in with us, but I don't think we need any more! Dexter agrees with me.
 Unfortunately, no.8 has formed an attachment to Gigi and she seems quite happy with that, so he's often skulking around the place. He has lovely blue eyes and is quite sweet, but we don't need another mouth to feed!


  1. Cat number 8 surely has some Siamese in his DNA--we've had several Siamese hybrids who were similarly patterned.
    I can't deny food to hungry strays but find their presence worrisome. The battered tomcat who has eaten here during the coldest of winter weather is now a nearly permanent guest--I'm sure he isn't really healthy, which is a possible hazard for our own cats. What to do with such?

  2. Gosh, I'm there with you both. We have acquired a son of the Big Black Tom (this is a Young Black Tom, jet black, so called Whitby . . .) I did try NOT to feed him, but then he comes into the house, so point taken. He has obviously been a pet and then wandered off. It's a difficult situation and Sharon, you are like me, I feel I have to feed them when they are desperate.

    Yours looks a curious colour combo Kim!

  3. We crazy cat ladies seem to attract the waifs and strays!
    MM, I think he's got Burmese somewhere in his bloodline. They're very popular here and no.8 has very blue eyes. He's a sweetie and will probably stay, groan!

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