Sunday, 5 November 2017

Sedimentary my dear Watson!

We walked along the lakeshore a couple of times this week. From the footpath we could see the beach below where the level of the water has dropped. I really wanted to get down there and walk along the shoreline as it's normally all underwater. I wish we'd been here when the lake was fully drained. My neighbour has pictures of it and the village that is underneath is remarkable.
 The rocks here are mostly sedimentary and the lake was once a slate quarry. Our house was built from the slate in the lake. How awesome is that?
I love the white lines of quartz, the stones are lovely up close.
Here you can see the beach clearly on the other shore, but on our side it was tough climbing over the rocks.
 We managed to make it under the tree here, but what you can't see is how steep it is and how the rocks drop off into deep water at this point! We had to admit defeat! Today we may explore the far shore and see if we can get to the beaches there.

Back to the house and this is what the loft is looking like now. My BF has put down new joists to raise the floor above the tangle of pipes.
Here we've laid down some floorboards to see how they'll look and it's so great to imagine this beautiful space when it's finished. It's so silent in the loft and will be perfect when the windows are in.

The roof will be lagged and boarded with the same boards as the flooring. It will be sooo cosy when it's done :D

The Mairi paid us a visit while I was busy (throwing junk out of the door) tidying up the cave! The place really couldn't have looked worse, but he was very gracious and agreed to come back and see the house when it was finished. He was so friendly and said that we could do pretty much anything we like inside the house and only need permission for the Velux windows in the roof. We can also build the field shelters for the ponies which will make them a lot happier. I do worry about them when it's wet or windy.

 I've also managed to fit in a little sculpting time. My fibro has been a big naggy lately, so I've made myself sit down and get back to needle felting. These little mice are from a tutorial on You-tube and are helping me to flex my stabbing muscles, haha, I have some designs of my own to work out and as it's Sunday, I may get to try them.
Have a good Sunday everyone.x


  1. Oh the land is lovely! The slate makes for wonderful buildings, and dramatic landscapes. The loft will be a perfect, it looks cozy and warm, where will you put the windows?

  2. I'm thinking one on either side, North and South to get lots of light :D

  3. That loft is taking shape. Won't be long until you'll have it all done, hopefully before winter sets in. The mice are so cute!
    Would you do your readers and mostly me a favor? Would you please take pictures of your first snow of the year when it happens? I love snow but we never get it here where I live and I miss it so much. I live in south central Texas where it's always warm and humid because of the gulf coast. I used to live in higher elevations in Texas near New Mexico where we would get snow for the Thanksgiving holiday and it would last up to Christmas.

  4. Hi Yarrow :) The mice are so cute! :) And your home is looking good, what a great spot you two found! That beach too, everything looks so peaceful, I'm so happy for you!

  5. Thank you so much Rain, it is lovely here :D
    Leeanna, as it happens we had hail today so I'll post about that tomorrow.x