Monday, 20 November 2017

Not much today.

I don't know how much work I'll get done today, but I'm sat in bed waiting for painkillers to work or my neck to un-freeze and I'm actually starting to seize up more than ever!
I have so much planned for today, but it may have to wait. I wanted to plant a couple more trees and fix the rest of the electric fencing for the ponies. I often try to plan a quiet day and the animals put a stop to it, but today, I think they will have to make do. Thankfully my lovely children have done the morning feeds and water, so I'm going to slap a heat pad on my shoulder and snuggle down with the animals.

Dexter is so in love with Finn, can you see he's almost holding on to him <3  Finn doesn't mind at all, it keeps him warm :D


  1. Oh dear Yarrow....that's not good...not good at all...sending healing wishes your way. x

  2. Oh my, pain is never good. I hope it gets better very quickly. I love the snuggles of kitties, Strider and Rufio are nearly always to be found in each others grasp and they are so very cute.

  3. Pain in the morning is such a bitch. Hope the heating pad works. I've got mine on my lower back at this very moment. The kitties look so comfy cozy sleeping together. In reality they are siphoning each others warmth. I hope you feel better as the day progresses.

  4. I just discovered your blogs this morning and have spent an enjoyable time reading through them.

    You have my full sympathy regarding pain! I hope you feel up to things again very soon.

  5. Your cats are adorable...I love when they all stack upon each other like that! Yarrow, please take care, I'm the last to want to take a "sick day" but you seem to need it! xx

  6. Thank you lovely friends, I'm feeling warm from your good wishes :D