Sunday, 19 November 2017


This snow picture is for Leeanna and was taken in the Uk a few years back. In those days I actually walked from home to the ponies field as all of the roads were too dangerous to drive on. This is the lane up to their field.

I'm in a quilty kind of mood and would love some inspiration. Can anyone recommend any good quilting blogs? I want to make a simple no fuss comforter for my bed. I've made small quilts in the past, but this time I want something luscious. Of course, all my sewing things are back in England, so I'll just be browsing until I can pick them up, but that's fine as I've little time to finish the things I'm already working on!!!

Yesterday the horses broke out again! Today will be spent putting up new fences. There are three lots of fences each with their own solar powedered energisers and most of the time this works, but yesterday I forgot to turn one on and the big boys went for a take out from a neighbours field! I hope they ate plenty of grass before we caught them as there's precious little forage in our own fields until next spring!


  1. ~sigh~ Thank you for the snow picture, sweetie. Makes me wish I was up north again instead of being held against my will in south-central Texas. I remember when I used to go skiing in Germany when my father was stationed in the army. I learned how during Christmas break from school. I dearly miss the snow and pray every winter for just a bit of snow to fall here. But it never comes. I would have to go home to El Paso Texas which is at the foot of the Rocky Mountain range where it snows every winter. My brothers and I would take the Jeep to the highway that runs through the mountain and build snowmen making obscene gestures to the motorists. Fun times. Gawd, I miss that.

  2. Naughty Horses!!! That's a beautiful photo! Leeanna, if you're reading this, I posted some picks of our little mini blizzard on my blog this morning. I'm in the Laurentian mountains just north of Montreal in Quebec.

    Yarrow, if you check out Sam's blog (, you'll see she has a lot of quilting links in her sidebar. She's a crafty lady! I wish I was quilting...I'm not quite there yet with my hobbies though!

  3. Oh Leeanna, I'd love to go to Texas, that sounds like such fun!
    Thank you for the tip Rain.x

  4. now you could be doing a nice bit of english paper piecing you could start cutting out your hexies while you wait for fabric

  5. Oh there are so many quilting blogs and websites.... I usually just google quilt images and look for inspiration. Sometimes just a simple top of squares is all you need, or a combination of squares and strips or stars can be so effective. I am working on one that is squares and nine patches.... but wild fabrics. So many choices! A snowy day is perfect for sewing!