Sunday, 12 November 2017

A lot of weather and stairs!

What a week it's been! Remeber last Sunday when I talked of a lovely day pottering around and maybe a picnic by the lake? Well, all thoughts of being outside were halted by a very black sky and icy winds. I settled in the conservatory with Dexter and tackled the dwindling walnut mountain, while listening to a bit of Spandau Ballet (I have to be alone to listen to that as no one else much likes it, but I'm such an 80's girl). Suddenly there was heavy rain pounding on the roof which turned to large hailstones. Dexter hid under my seat while Finn and Fae dashed in to shelter.
An almighty clap of thunder had all three cats running outside to hide in the barn. When it had calmed down, dear BF came rushing out to say that he could hear galloping from the loft where he was working and we discovered that the ponies had broken down the fence in their panic. There was a lot of drama and my three monsters took off across the fields where we found them an hour later on the road down to the lake! Thankfully the roads on Sundays are even quieter than during the week!

We were soaked through and exhausted by the time the fences were restored and all ponies fed. I was worried it would set off a fibro flare, but luckily a hot shower and a long sit by the fire seemed to do the trick. I was very sore the next day though.
We've been lighting the fire every night now as we still don't have enough oil for central heating. It's been flipping cold, I can tell you.  Poor Manchee feels the cold when it's just a bit chilly, so this week has been really hard for him. Here he's under two blankets and still needed a hot water bottle!
The solution is simple. I'm making him a little dog coat for inside the house. He has an outdoor coat, but of course I can't find it!
It took a couple of hours to warp up the loom as I'm still getting used to it. It does make my back ache, but as this is going to be a square weave, it's easier to do it on the table. Longer items are attached to a door handle and that causes a whole different set of problems!
I love these colours, green, brown and orange although the green looks more grey in this picture. The wool is just standard acrylic as it needs to be easily washable and I'll probably line it with a fluffy wool when it's extra cold.
So lots of inside jobs to do this week. The stairs to the loft started out like this.
Then they were crafted from floor boards and somehow we attached them to the loft (by magic, I think)
Once the props were secure, BF created the curving steps. Somewhere on my phone I have the finished picture, I'll share it tomorrow. But believe me, these are the cutest little stairs I've ever had and I love them to bits <3
In my mind I'm already decorating this little corner of the house but I have to wait for the walls to be plastered first.

I have a favour to ask, please can you share any pictures of winter weather on your blogs, especially snow for Leeanna of 'Can we have a new Witch'  as she's missing the snow now that she's living in Texas. Maybe leave a message here or on her blog. Thank you friends.x

I'm writing this post from the warmth of my bed. The rain is hurling leaves across the garden and I'm not terribly inclined to get up. However, if I don't feed the ponies soon, they'll probably stage another breakout!


  1. Hi Yarrow :) That sounds like a nasty storm, poor ponies! I'm glad you found them safe and sound though, how scary for them to run away like that! Your Manchee is so adorable...our dogs get cold too, except the huskies, they seem to be made of durable fur or something lol...we have so many blankets all around the house for them. Alex wraps them up each night before bed :) Your stairs look lovely!

  2. Somewhere I have a wonderfully snowy wintry blog post (2010 I suspect!) so I will put it up so you can link it for your friend in Texas.

    This is a lovely post, but sorry to hear that the storm frightened the ponies and they got out. I hope you can get some oil soon and have a nice warm house - Manchee will appreciate his beautifully woven jacket anyway. Have you got an old duvet he could snuggle under - my Whippets were real duvet-dogs!

    Tell T that the stairs are looking really good.

  3. Hey, nice to read your comment on my block, yes the early years of being divorced aren't easy, but I read all about you here and you're fine and living your dream. Brittany is a beautiful place, I chose Suffolk and have been here since May and we love it here.. we're on the edge of a town, so quiet country all around, except for the owls at night!

  4. I love following your tales of making your new home homely! I haven't a fireplace, so I must enjoy the photos of yours and others instead, though since we live in town, we stay warm through electricity. Not as atmospheric, but still toasty.
    Glad the ponies weathered the storm okay, and you too.... fibro is a bear, and warmth is essential. A nice indoor coat will be just the thing for poor Manchee..... those wires coats are great at shedding water but not so good at cozy warmth.

  5. Hope your coat gets finished soon Manchee. x