Thursday, 30 November 2017

Going back to Blighty.

I  don't really want to go back to England but I have things there that need to be sorted and I am at least looking forward to doing a bit of shopping. Some things here in France are very expensive, yet horse feed isn't one of them. I'm still only paying the same amount to feed seven horses as three!!!

I love this little tree in the orchard garden, it's the only eating apple tree we have, the rest are all cider apples, I may have to buy a couple more apple trees, especially a cooking apple.

 This is how the orchard paddock looks at the moment, a bit bare! We took the laurel shrubs out to the far right of this picture, but it's not clear where they were from this angle. I'm glad they're gone, I don't like their toxicity and they don't have much to offer to make up for it, in my opinion!  Yesterday we planted some dogwoods and a couple of plumb trees. I have hedging whips to plant when I get back. We also uncovered some huge rocks and discovered that they extend a very long way under the top soil. I'm wondering if this is the reason that many of the trees are failing, because there is so little good topsoil. If that's the case, then a year or two of mulching and manure will make a huge difference.
 While we we labouring in the garden, my dear bf T was building a chicken house.
The cats thought it was their new climbing frame :D
Can you guess what I'll be doing on the ferry? This is an example of a perfect gusset decrease, as I described in an earlier post.
And this is a prime example of SSK (slip, slip, knit) gone wrong, again. Maybe for the next sock I'll remember how to do it properly!!!
So, for now it's off we go to pack, back soon.x


  1. I hope you have a good and safe trip Yarrow! I had to laugh at the cats, they think EVERYTHING is for them don't they? I hope you have great luck with your apple trees in the future, what a blessing to have them available to you! :) Will you be back home for Christmas?

  2. Hope all goes well for you in UK and you are able to get what you need.. looked back on your blog and watched your utube What a large garden you have, lots of fruit trees too.. lovely to hear your voice.

  3. Hey Rain, we're back now. I couldn't stay away for long :D

    Chris, our garden is about an acre, the rest of the land is four acres for the ponies :D