Thursday, 8 December 2016

This week....

This week very little happened. The furbabies waited for their dinner in the room we call the 'futility room'. It is thus named because any attempt to tidy it is futile!!!!

My favourite of all time bands 'Creep' played their last ever gig. This band was the first I saw when I became single and so will always have a huge place in my heart. They are as professional as any band on the circuit and most likely better than many. They play good old fashioned rock from Billy Idol to Nirvana and back again to U2 and Bon Jovi. My Creep Tshirt may probably be framed. I'm very sad!
This week I've been unwell. No details. I found solace in the woods and found the Woodland Kings crown. Stories are forming and I'd like to start painting again. It helps with so many ills.
My lovely Moomin had all of her hair chopped off some time back and donated it to charity. Last week, she had it cut even shorter. The boyish look somehow makes her look more feminine to me, but maybe that's just my view. Manchee doesn't care, he just wants to help her find the bird hidden within this piece of wood. I think she wants to be a carver (for now!).


  1. Well done to your beautiful daughter for making such a sacrifice in such a good cause. It does suit her to have short hair too. I hope that she develops her carving skills and goes on to do well with it. A lady I know makes Welsh Love Spoons and does beautiful work.

    I had to smile at your cats lined up in the Futility Room!

  2. Spoons! Now there's a thought :D