Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Looking back

I suppose at this time of year, when we do a lot of looking forward, it's quite normal to also look back. It was 6 years ago that I closed the old Yarrow blog as it was just too personal and no longer reflected me or my life. Frankly, it was a bit painful to read. But I've had a look at it today and some words jumped out at me 'I don't know how long this limbo will last'!!! Well, it lasted for six years!!!! Six years of recovery, struggles, disasters and triumphs! I've held on to my home by the skin of my teeth and I can't say I did it with style, but we always had a home to come back to. Now my children are young adults and it's time to move forward and make a new life for ourselves. Say goodbye to the old things that have held us here and make a new home somewhere else. It's scary, but also very exciting.
Maybe I'll get somewhere like the house above. Does anyone recognise it? Will you join me on my new adventures?

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