Friday, 23 December 2016

Keeping journals.

It would seem that I love to write! I have several journals on the go including a couple of home written cookery books. I take recipes from everywhere, sometimes tweak them to my own taste and then add them to my little books. I also stick in recipes from supermarket magazines if they suit my mood.
I write little notes in my day journal in case I want to use anything from that for my blog, it saves me from being on the computer all day.

Last night I wrote about Fae, my white and grey cat. In the summer she's slim and ethereal, but in the winter months she turns into a big marshmallow, all squishy and cuddly. Right from when she was born she was special, she was the largest of the litter, but never too pushy and her brother and sister would use her as a pillow. When her eyes opened she would watch me constantly and as soon as she was mobile she would find me.
When I go away, she's the first to greet me and the last to hold a grudge (like when I go away)! She often sleeps with me and when I'm unwell, she curls into my tummy and makes me feel better, perhaps she should have been called Angel <3

I've been meandering through lots of new blogs this week. It's been great fun and totally relaxing. I'm finding inspiration everywhere and have even found a few bloggers that I lost when I closed the old blog. 
I did at one point wonder why so many of my old blog friends have moved over to other social media and I've come to the conclusion that it's because of the instant reply you get from Facebook and Instagram. Sitting here talking to my laptop often feels like throwing words out into the void, so if you do manage to find your way here, please feel free to say hello :D


  1. Hello popped over to see what your up to :-)

  2. Hello my dear, just sending Christmas wishes and thought I had better explain about the fairysteps blog! Ive tried so hard to stay on blogger, but alas time has meant either switching blogging platforms or having no blog. Ive loved it so much, my little online journal since 2008 and don't want to stop it. Switched to tumblr a couple of years back where I can post from Instagram as well as doing dedicated blog posts occasionally. Correct and consistent blog address is:
    Wishing you the best of Christmas's with lots of jollity for all and many thanks for being such a loyal reader for so long, Ren xx

  3. Hello Dawn and Ren, thanks for dropping in and I'm glad to be back in touch with you Ren.x

  4. I'm here occasionally but don't have this blog linked to mine, so must do so. Lovely photo of your cat as kittens.

  5. Thank you for dropping by,BB.x

  6. I know just what you mean! Hugs for the season....