Sunday, 16 October 2016

Soupe de couenne.

Well, my version, at least.
Preserved pork skin     or bacon rinds    or lardons.
Dried mixed beans, soaked overnight and then boiled for 10 minutes and simmered for 20minutes.
Garlic and onions to taste
This is a good,  basic French dish.  Filling and nutritious on a cold Autumn night.

Here is where the recipe  changes a little according to taste (ie. my tex/mex spin)
Tomato puree        chicken stock       white wine      Sharp cheese or cheddar

Fry the chopped bacon skins/lardons along with the onions until crispy and almost caramalised. Transfer to an oven proof dish or stew pot.
 Then fry the beans and garlic until crispy. Add to the stew pot, or casserole and cook until thick and wholesome, unless going down the adventurous route!

Add tomato puree, home made chicken stock and some white wine.
Add to the oven dish and mix with the lardons. My chicken stock was homemade so had chunks of chicken, carrots and celery in it.

 Pour in the beans and tomato puree.  Top with sharp cheddar and bake for 30 - 45 minutes until thick and chunky.
Serve with crusty bread. And enjoy :D

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