Saturday, 8 October 2016

Shawl progress and weaving.

The shawl is progressing slowly and now looking the way it should. (edited to add, this is the same picture as before, doh! but it is getting bigger, honestly!)
The loom is now up and working and I love the colours of the weave. This will be a Christmas present for someone :D
These are the colours of the wool and it's not something I spun myself as it would have taken too long to get it finished in time. Especially as I have so many other spinning and knitting projects in the bag!
As soon as I saw this wool, I knew instantly who it would be for as she wears these colours a lot. She also doesn't read my blog, so I'm quite safe ;)

Tomorrow, I'll be making bacon!!!


  1. omg... that wool!! I am envious already, that shawl is looking gorgeous already :) Glad to see the loom is up and running ! yay xxx

  2. Yep, it's all happening Julia :D