Monday, 3 October 2016

I made a loom!

I've been wanting a loom for sooo long, but simply can't afford the rigid heddle loom that I've been covetting for years, so today I decided to simply make a frame loom.
I measured the spaces for the nails and put in guide holes with a bradawl.
 I then used the first piece of wood to copy the marks across onto a second piece, for top and bottom and put little nails into the holes.
 With wood glue and screws I attached top and bottom pieces to the sides. I won't win any prizes for my carpentry skills!
 In all it took a couple of hours and measures 38cm x 145cm. That should be plenty long enough for a snug shawl. If it's too long then I can simply unscrew the sides and shorten the length.
 The shuttles were a lot harder to make, mainly because the sander was quite tough to hold and my hands are suffering a bit in the damp weather. The top shuttle has been sanded and I've since made the slots for the wool longer and wider. I'm quite happy with how it's all turned out :D
Now, when the knitting or crochet gets a bit laborious, I'll do some weaving :D


  1. Fantastic! I bet you had a real sense of achievement making it. Very Satisfying x

  2. I did have fun, but will have more when it's warped and ready to go :D

  3. Welcome to the addictive world of weaving!!! One loom is not enough, and there is never enough time for everything, but truly, it feeds the soul!

  4. Thanks Kim, I will get my Heddle loom one day ;)

  5. Looking forward to seeing what you create with that :D Nice bit of DIY xx