Monday, 3 October 2016

Quick! Wash the Alpaca before it's too late!!!

The weather was great yesterday for washing and drying fleece, so I took the opportunity before the weather turns more to Autumn rains and storms.

I've had this Alpaca in the garage for most of the year but suddenly the urge overtook me to get it ready for winter spinning.
This brown is sooo soft, but it does remind me a bit of Walley's fur! That's one thing I don't fancy spinning, dog hair, eek!
The white is lovely with some hints of cream, which might just be due to dirt!  So much dirty water came out when they were washed that I worried I might felt them!
Thankfully it all worked out ok and I even decided to take a chance and dye some of the white.
I used Henna that was left over from dying my hair a few years ago, haha! It's a vegetable dye and fairly colourfast. I know from personal experience how hard it was to get this bright yellow out of my hair! I looked fluorescent!!! I love the colour, it's golden with red tips. I hope it stays this bright when I wash it after spinning.
The shawl is coming along nicely and starting to look like it should. I'm really happy :D
We walked along the coast beside our favourite little village. The sea was like a millpond and it seemed that half of Hampshire were walking with us! The dogs met lots of new friends and then it was home for roast chicken and potato gratin. A perfect weekend <3


  1. Ach.... I never even thought to use henna! Now I need to go through my cabinets and see if I have some left and try it out. The color you got was wonderful, so rich! Perfect autumn.

  2. I'm going to do more, hehe :D