Friday, 14 October 2016

Bacon - part 2

It worked! It may not win any prizes for the prettiest piece of meat, but by golly it tastes good!
The fatty bits will be used as a sort of lardon while the top piece will be sliced for big, chunky rashers.
 I sliced off some thin pieces to fry, just to be sure it was ok of course ;) and it was amazingly delicious. I know this will barely last the weekend, but I'm hoping to cook a sort of Soupe d'haricots couennes, which uses primarily pig skins. I'll use the lardons and some of the skin with a big pot of beans.
I doubt my recipe will be true to it's origins as I do like to mess around with ingredients, but I'm sure it will be good and hearty.


  1. If only I were closer.....

  2. I would share with you Kim.x (not sure about the rest of the family though ;) )