Sunday, 8 July 2018

Making a plan.

I wish I could say making a plan of any kind is easy, but it's not for me! My homesteading book talks about making a business plan, and I've done my best with that. I know what my resources are, what I want to get out of my business ideas and how to go about it all. So far so good, now to the practical stuff. Where do I site my vegetable beds?
I've moved several plants and changed the plans a few times now and I'm just not happy with how it's flowing, or not flowing. The big vegetable bed with the beans is my best one but I want more and fitting them in is not easy due to the trees and shape of the paddocks. The ponies take up a lot of space and on the whole are the biggest drain, financially and timewise but if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be here. I'm thinking in circles and changing my mind constantly, it's not helping me at all. I wish I could find a more detailed description of how to lay things out!!!

 For now, it's too hot to do anything much, even thinking is out of the question. Dexter has the best idea <3

Edited to add:  I think I may have found the answer I'm looking for, how wonderful is this?



  1. I hope you are finding workable solutions. So often we are urged to 'think outside the box' and yet our resources don't allow needed flexibility.
    Hot weather and humidity aren't helpful to clear brain function. Our cats are wanting to be inside the house sleeping in rooms where the curtains are drawn during the hot afternoons.