Friday, 30 July 2021


I managed to get a bit of sketching done yesterday as my student was tired & needed a quiet afternoon. I have a friend who is going into hospital this week so I drew a very quick sketch of a wolf for her as she loves them so much. Boy am I out of practice!!!

We've been making cordage from nettles this week and it's a lot of work but really quite addictive.  I'll be making more over the weekend once I have some time to myself.

The student leaves later today & I'm keen to get on with some neglected tasks. The garden needs tidying & I need to make some shelters for the chickens so that they can free range again without being picked off by the buzzard!!! He's only taken one of my girls but that hasn't stopped him from returning to try for the others!!!

I also have some jewellery to make as I'll be getting back to selling my products online soon & I have a couple of Christmas markets to plan for. Have a lovely weekend everyone 😍


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