Sunday, 25 July 2021

I'm back!

 I've missed you all so much, dear friends in Blogland and I've decided to come back to the fold. 


Life here has been so crazy and busy and I've  often taken on far more than I could handle. I've had a major burnout but sometimes that's what we need to step back and see the actual reality of a situation.

Since moving to France, my life has changed so much and in many wonderful ways, but also, it's been hard and painful and this blog, my safe little page, is the only place that I feel comfortable sharing my stories, without judgement or harsh comments from others.

I'm ready to be the story teller again and share my adventures with you if you want to join me. It doesn't matter if you comment or not, this is my diary for myself, first and foremost. But if you do want to say hello then I would be glad of your company <3