Monday, 17 June 2019

Let down.

Oh dear! That's about all I can say about the market on Saturday :(

I set up with high hopes, it was a lovely place but the forecast wasn't great for the day. I was optimistic! Several monsoons later, I phoned my love and asked him to bring me a huge jumper and food supplies!
 The soaps were admired
 and I even took along a basket of tie dye baby grows and childrens tee shirts! No interest at all. I did sell a print and a couple of soaps which covered my costs but on the day I felt very negative. I had hurt my back and the cold made my muscles complain and I was close to ending the venture.

After a good nights sleep, a day of housework and an evening with friends helped to cheer me up. Now my perspective is restored I'm going to rethink my business plans.
I've begun sketching again, but this is for me, for now. I may start painting again, if I have the time!
Blodeuwedd, from the Mabinogion.


  1. It's sad when people aren't buying and just looking. Such a let down. I love that sketch.

  2. Been there at such craft fairs...soul destroying...not doing that again in a hurry. x

  3. Hi Yarrow! :) Your sketch is lovely. DON'T GIVE UP on your business!!! You have fabulous products to offer!!