Monday, 2 April 2018

Full stop.

Oh boy is it wet again? We had a few gorgeous days when we returned from England, but the rain soon caught up with us. The fields had begun to dry out, but now they're back to swamplands!
We took the dogs to a nearby pond, one of our favourites, and the water was well into the meadow and gushing through streams in torrents. Walley, of course loved it!!!
Back home, he struck his best pose for the camera yet!!! Since this picture, he's had quite a hair cut! He was taking too long to dry out after swimming and he was getting cold and shivery. He's a lot tidier now :D
The cold and wet has brought me to a full and total stop. I worked quite hard yesterday, but paid the price in the evening when I developed shivers and hurt all over. Today, after feeding the ponies, I've returned to bed and plan to crochet.

I've also been reading a lot of blogs and find it interesting how people change their tone and writing style as time progresses. In most cases I like to think that we become more chatty and aware of the other bloggers who stop by for a visit and so our blogs are homely and welcoming. There are occassional blogs that seem to attract attention for the wrong reasons, but I guess it takes all sorts in the world and we can't all be the same person, liking the same things. Diversity keeps us interesting :D


  1. Walley is so cute...I love his ears! :) Sorry you're hurting all over, I hope your night crocheting helped! I'd trade snow for rain right now please!!! ;)

    1. I think any weather can outstay it's welcome Rain! Hope you get a thaw soon.x

  2. Glad to hear it isn't only here that has generous rainfall x