Sunday, 4 March 2018

Shawl, snow and soap!

Such a lot has happened this week. We had snow and seriously low temperatures, but nothing compared to the UK! Merlin's hollow was completely frozen over.
 Walley was so confused as this is his favourite bathing place. The hollow filled up during the long days of constant rain, but was beginning to smell a bit stagnant so I was glad that Walley didn't get a stinky swim!
 The ice made beautiful casings for the shrubs but sadly took it's toll on the spring flowers who poked their heads out a little too soon. My primroses are a terrible sight, but hopefully they'll rally round and try to flower again!
 To make life simpler, my lovely man cut a doorway in the back of the garage wall. Has anyone ever been so excited by a doorway??? It's made life so much easier as the garage is now our feed and tack room and I don't have to carry heavy feed buckets all around the house to the ponies. I'm a happy bunny :D
 Yesterday we went on a soap making course. It was great fun and a lovely day spent with my man and some new friends. It was a lot like a chemistry class but with lovely smells and as one lady pointed out, a bit like Breaking Bad :D

We want to make our own soaps and creams as another step towards self reliance, but also because there are almost no chemicals in this recipe other than the lye that causes saponification and that neutralises after a few weeks!
 My soap looks a little like ravioli above, but below, the colour has changed and it looks and smells like a lemon drizzle cake. T scented his with orange and peppermint soap for a Wake Up soap. It's such a refreshing smell :D

Here is the finished Lake Scarf. I'm so pleased with it and can't wait to make another.
 I think it captures the colours around the lake pretty well.
 I had fun taking these pictures and have some more things to bring to this spot for a photo session :D
 Today the weather is lovely so we'll be having a typical Sunday, pottering around the house, doing some chores and playing with the ponies. Have a lovely day everyone.x


  1. Hello. I hope you're keeping warm and snug in this cold weather you're having. That soap you made looks amazing; how fun! And, I love the scarf you created. Enjoy your day, Pat

  2. I hope it is thawing with you (as it is here). We were SO lucky and escaped the snow - Gabby got snowed in at work in Cardiff though and spent two nights with a workmate.

    Soapmaking is one of those things I keep threatening to learn. I love the sound-smell of yours. That scarf is so lovely. Have you started on a new one yet?

    I was all booked up for a Dyeing with Woad course but the lady running it has managed to break her foot. I have put my name down for the Dyeing with Wild Flowers in the summer, and will book in on the woad course when I hear the new date.

    Are all the horses rugged now, or can the Eriskays manage without?

  3. Hi Skyler White, ahahahaha.
    I love that scarf. It's beautiful. I've been thinking of making my own soaps and creams too. Stay warm, darlin.

  4. I make our soap...rather the scarf x