Sunday, 18 March 2018


I am such an unhappy bunny. We travelled back to England to pick up a van and transport our remaining bits of furniture and garden plants to our home in France. The first leg of the journey was fine. The troublesome car was left at the garage where they had a week to sort out all the problems and fix it once and for all.
We came back across the channel and gave the hired van back but not only was the car still broken, the mechanic was off on a trip to London and left no word of when the car would be repaired!!!

I've been so low all weekend and just can't seem to find a way forward. Do I sell the car and get a newish one? If so, which one can I get in a hurry without making a mistake?

Our ferry ticket has been changed to 'open' as we have no idea when we'll be able to travel. I'm so homesick it's just not true. It's lovely spending time with friends and family but I want to be back with my children and my animals. Moomin and her brother are holding the fort gallantly, but they're keen for us to get back as food for the animals is getting low and they have no means to get it delivered.

What a mess!!!


  1. This is any traveler's nightmare. It happened to us many decades ago--had to have funds wired to purchase a different [now new!] vehicle, then traveled back several months later to retrieve our car. I hope you find a solution--soon.

  2. NOT a responsible garage by the sound of things. Can your kids place an order for animal food to be delivered? Or would Madame next door help out with transport?

    As for the car, if it's minor problems then perhaps stay with it for the moment, but if it's major then visit a few forecourts and check out what's on offer. If you have AA or RAC membership then I think they offer a service where they check out a potential car for problems. If not, worth joining pronto! Hope you are safely home soon.

  3. Thank you both for your advice and support.x

  4. Oh no!!! Hang in there Yarrow. It must be so difficult for you! Geez, I don't know, I would probably scrap the car if it were giving me so many hassles, and poo on that mechanic. That's terrible.

  5. Its frustrating but it all happens for a reason, perhaps a car change is for the best, I hope you get home soon.

  6. Are you home yet Kim? Been worrying about you.