Saturday, 30 July 2016

Where I sit and knit.

Here, in my favourite chair in my favourite corner I sit and knit. My paintings are the only distraction in the quietest room in the house. I have no TV or radio, just the patio door open and the sounds from the garden, which are usually peaceful.
Manchee loves to sit with me and look out from the cool doorway. More often than not, he sleeps here with one of the cats, unless of course they claim the bed first and then he just sulks!
This corner of the garden is the shadiest and has long been neglected as it was fenced off from the patio to keep Manchee in. Now that I've blocked all of his escape routes, it's safe to open it up and be creative. I'd like to plant some ferns and shady plants here. At the bottom of the picture you can see some strawberry plants that have self sown in the paving! Just about anything is welcome in my garden if it has a will to survive :D
I've also discovered a new way of preserving my fruit. Bottling in vodka is so much easier than jam making, but I expect I'll still make some jam this year as vodka fruit isn't so good for breakfast!!!

Edited to add: Ooops! I'm barely  begun on my latest shawl and I've just ordered two more shawl patterns!!! I'm possibly obsessed ;)

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  1. Can we see the shawls and patterns?? I'm into shawls at the moment... and since I successfully knitted that scarf earlier this year I've not done any more.
    I visited Doune Castle last week (where Castle Leoch is filmed for Outlander) & in the shop they had replicas of Claires knitted shawl thing (the light coloured one that goes round the neck & shoulders). I so wanted it.... :D