Monday, 7 December 2015

It has begun.

This rather unpleasant mess is at this moment soaking in the Unicorn Power Scour.  It's very hard to leave it alone and not constantly poke at it to see if the grease is bonding to the scour as it's supposed to! I'm assured that I will have lustrous, soft wool to spin when it's all finished.  I hope so, because so far, I'm very disappointed with the Polwarth!
The process for cleaning difficult wool came from this blog
There will be updates later today, fingers crossed!
Well, there IS an improvement of sorts!
The wool is whiter and less tacky, but some of the tarry tips remain.  The Unicorn has done it's job well, but I really don't think I'll be bothering with Polwarth ever again! I have a sack of washed wool that needs washing again with the Unicorn and a sack of untouched wool.  I'm that close to throwing it all in the bin, expecially as some of the re-washed wool felted!!!  But, I'm a skinflint, and refuse to throw anything away if it can be salvaged, so I'll wash it again, just not yet!
I have some lovely Alpaca that's just plain old dusty to deal with first :D

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