Monday, 7 December 2015

In between storms.

Such wild weather lately! The dog didn't mind so much as he'd cut his leg last week chasing squirrels so he had to stay in to let it heal.  It has to be said that he's not a brave dog and any injury causes him a lot of worry! So he was snuggled on the sofa with cats and a blanket!!!

We managed to dash out for a walk on Saturday, in between the rain, which is also a concern for a dog with fine whippet skin! The woods were beautiful as the last Autumn leaves hung with jewelled droplets.

Trees muted in swathes of mist, hushed and quiet.
One of our favourite paths, changed and eerie in the stillness.
Home to a big pot of Earl Grey for me and some biscuits for a slightly tired dog. I have paintings in my head and colours for my wool.  I want to spin some woodland magic this week.

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