Monday, 16 November 2015

Wet walk in the woods.

Despite the threat of rain, we simply had to get out for a walk.  It clears my mind and helps me to feel more 'real'. I never tire of walking in the woods near my home as the view changes constantly from sunny and green to dark and mysterious depending on the weather.  Of course, the seasonal changes make it fun to explore as well and right now, we're full into mushroom season.  These are Polypores of some type, but I'm not certain which as they're not exactly like the ones in my little mushroom book!
These ones look like Hoof Fungus, which is similar to the Polypore. I'm learning as I go, but it's fun picking out the different types of fungi that grow in my lovely woodland.
A pair of Giant's legs???
Although the picture is misty, this is a lovely colourway that would be good to incorporate into some seasonal wool.  I feel like spinning it up after I've finished with the lovely white Southdowns that I'm working with at the moment. I can see a beautiful Autumn/Fall shawl taking place.
New in the Etsy shop is a ceramic bird skull with a pheasant feather and goldstone and silver beads. All based on the things I find on my walks and also what my little cats bring to me - skulls, lots of them!

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