Sunday, 15 November 2015

Bring the wild in.

The book I'm reading (see first post) talks about the many ways to re-wild yourself and your life.  One way, that I really love, is to slowly replace artificial things such as plastic with natural fibres, wood and stone.
 This is my favourite Goddess pot.  I bought her many years ago and she was one of a kind at the time.  I'd love to make some statues like her. She adds beauty to a wild corner of the garden.

 I take inspiration from my surroundings when I go walking, find the poetry in the land
 and take home a piece of it in my heart to place in my home.
 It finds it's way onto my walls in many ways. I must finish adding the tiny branches to these Windling trees. I first came across the idea of painting trees onto walls a few years back at Domythic Bliss and have been doing it throughout the house since!
It's a dry day today, but very windy, I'm hoping I can get to the woods with the dog, stretch our legs and breath in the lovely damp tree odour.

I love this time of year when the world curls into itself and prepares for the long hibernation of winter. It's so strange to imagine that on the other side of our planet, their world is stretching and waking from her long sleep.

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