Thursday, 19 November 2015


This isn't a cooking post, sadly, it's actually about crochet! When I was a child I would often spend long hours sat with my Gran learning to crochet.  She was amazing with wool and could make the most complicated patterns into huge, warm, snuggly blankets.  She didn't have very much money, so she went with my Grandad to the Jungle! This was her word for the Jumble sale.  My Gran didn't have much of an education or 'learn her words' as she would say, so she would often use words that sounded about right! She would take apart old jumpers from the jungle that cost just pennies and then use the wool for her blankets. Of course, this meant that the colours would be crazy and random. No boring brown blankets for us, which was the common theme in the 1970's. Gran's blankets were lovely and she was so patient when she taught me as I wasn't a natural with wool!

One thing Gran made that I will never forget was the Pastie! This was mine and my Sister's term for Gran's homemade slippers.  They were often a bit itchy and baggy on our feet but she would insist on making them for us and we would have to wear them for the duration of our visit with her! I'm sorry to say that we did not love these slippers and we would tease each other constantly about the multi coloured monsters.  They were made much the way you would make a real pastie. A crochet circle stitched up the front to midway and then your foot went in at the back, with a little tuck behind the heel to keep it on. I may have to make a pair in my Gran's honour <3

I think my Gran would have loved these slippers, below. she may have thought them a little fussy and a waste of extra wool, but I wish I could have made a pair for her in return for all the wonderful things she taught me.

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