Thursday, 13 February 2020


Does anyone else write their post title first and fit their words around it, or just ramble on and hope a title presents itself later?  I guess I do a bit of both unless I have a very clear view of where I'm going when I sit down to write.

It's been a wrestly few days already in the Wildewood! The painting that I was struggling with was being so very uncooperative and I began flicking paint in a snowy kind of way and almost ruined the whole thing. A  panicky 10 minutes had me wiping and dabbing until most of the damage was undone.
I had a big cup of tea and consulted the work of my dear friend Eric Velhagen. Now, I call him a dear friend for two reasons, 1. he's gorgeous and 2. he wished me happy birthday online last year, swoon! His style is so free and when I get tangled up in the details, I browse his webpage and try to loosen up! Refreshed, I went back to the painting and it would seem that the client likes it. What a relief! She is a very dear person, so this has always been way more than a normal commission and of course I want her to be happy with the result.

Still on the subject of wrestling, I wasn't the only one struggling to sleep last night, another storm raged and Merlin dog was extremely restless. To be honest, he's been like a speed addict for the last 18 hours!!! During the night he leapt out from under the covers and collided with my head more than once and when he wasn't wriggling he was kicking me in the back and stomach! He was either having trouble with the feathers poking him or a dreaded flea was the cause. The bed is now stripped and he is asleep under a blanket, lucky boy! (or something beginning with B!)

So now I'm walking around with gritty eyes and a slightly grumpy demeanour!!! To cheer myself up I contacted our estate agent as we're still hunting for extra land. That may seem extravagent, but the cost of feeding the horses this year would have bought us another field, if only we can persuade people to sell up! The hunt for little Wildewood continues.


  1. I love Eric's work too. So talented. Lucy was restless last night. She kept pushing me out of bed and she's just a little thing but she can kick. She's under her pink camo blanket getting warm after I let her outside. It's really cold today. 35F and windy which makes it colder.

  2. Oh I get panicky when I feel I've gone the wrong way with my art too! It's not a good feeling! I'm glad you restored yourself though! I let Jack sleep in bed with me and I get kicked every now and then lol...buying more land is definitely a great idea!