Tuesday, 25 February 2020

The song of the 'mais oui' bird.

There's a little bird that sits in our birch tree and calls 'mais oui, mais oui' every morning. I'm not sure what bird it is exactly but to greet the day with such a positive affirmation is a good thing.
I talk to myself often, in my head and out loud, I walk through the garden and the potager, feeding the animals and muttering sometimes quite passionately about the state of things. I try to do it alone, as sometimes I feel a bit foolish, lost in my thoughts and in my own head space. It's no small comfort to have this little bird chirp in often with his shriek of agreement 'but yes' he squeeks, and I smile and carry on talking. I expect I'll be making a name for myself soon, if I haven't already! I worry about the world, about my children and other people's children and talking to myself helps me to put things right, into some kind of perspective.

Since looking at how other people live more simply, I've discovered the harp in a big way! I love the idea of sitting alone and just making a little music for myself. I used to try to play the violin, but that was less than relaxing for myself and especially anyone within earshot! So along came the harp and  with it, this band. I adore their music and their passion for life and the world. Please take a look and be ready for something beautiful <3 Also, if you look at their other youtubes, you can see why they appeal to the younger celtic/hippy set (god, I feel old writing that!!!)

I've ordered a cheap little harp online and will collect it when I go to England next month, I'm so excited.
I've also done a thing!!!
I've started the process to buy a little plot of land on the other side of our lake. Eventually it will be somewhere for the horses to have a break and give our fields a rest but it's not going to be cleared in a hurry. I don't want any heavy machinery on the land, I'll be working slowly and carefully as that's how it's been treated so far. It's a little oasis in an intensely farmed area.

The owner planted lots of willow and had made a little natural campsite beside the stream. It's a very special area and I would love to run some healing workshops here. With this in mind, I've enrolled on a psychotherapy counselling course! There are many women here, French and English who seem a little lost and out of touch with the Earth, I know I'm feeling it right now. I hope we can grow closer to the natural world using this haven to recconect to our mother Gaia.
I'll be using the willow for basket making as well as planting some different coloured willows or dogwoods. This has been in my mind for a very long time, so to find somewhere planted with all my needs in mind is more than coincidence, it's the nudge I've been needing to take the next step. I'll also have a large herb garden for medicines and dye plants, using the herbs that are too big or invasive to have at our potager. Saying that, no herb is ever unwelcome if it turns up at Wildewood, but I love the thought of rampant, chaotic abandon  at our little field :D

The caravan is pretty dire and I hope we can do something to make it look better, no, I'm sure we can. It couldn't look uglier or more out of place!!!
So today I began the counselling course and fell asleep before the end of the first page, haha, it must be good then :D


  1. Beautiful music, thanks for pointing the way to something so pretty. I set their page up so I can open it and listen to their music when I need to be calm. Don't worry, you are not descending into madness. I always talk to my plants in the courtyard when I'm weeding or watering them.

  2. Well that is exciting news...and a coppice to boot...good luck with the purchase, and enjoy. x

  3. That looks a lovely spot and I hope it all goes through smoothly with the purchase.

    Tam has a harp too - we found one for sale at Malvern Fleamarket a couple of years back- it had made its way down from the Highlands and Islands!

    Will go and listen to your link after tea with Tam.