Tuesday 18 April 2023

A hot cup of tea.

 It was quite early when I decided to write a post today, but after making a cup of tea and feeding the cats, it's nearly time to get out and feed the livestock! 

For now though, I'm back in bed with my lovely Earl Grey, my beloved dogs beside me and the most beautiful view over my garden. It's so important to stop everything and take a minute to enjoy what we love in our lives. The last few years have been so hard physically and mentally that I often forget to stop and look at the beauty and the small magics that make it all so worthwhile.

My decision to stop the paid job has been so heavy on my shoulders and I've wasted a lot of time second guessing myself. I often look for signs that I'm on the right path and this week something big happened.  This winter has been a constant struggle getting enough firewood and after my woodpile at my other field, Tanglewood, was stolen I had and expensive time finding enough to keep the house warm. So when a tree surgeon turned up on my doorstep on Monday and offered me all of the wood that was being cleared from my neighbours property, I was totally stunned. I said yes and a little later he was back asking if I wanted the chippings from all of the branches. He was amused at my eagerness as it's considered waste and he was trying to convince me it was a good thing while I was inwardly jumping up and down! My son helped me to shift one of the biggest piles and I'm slowly getting the pathways through the potager laid out with all the gorgeous wood chips. 


I honestly feel that the universe is on my side and my decision to focus on making the farm work is a good one. I'd love to hear what you all think, although as yet, I'm still unable to reply to your comments. I'll get my tech savvy son to clean up my computer as technology is more than a bit beyond me for the most part, lol!

Thank you all for commenting, it means a lot to have you stop by and enjoy a cuppa with me 😍


  1. Making life changing decisions are usually hard and frequently followed with "what if's". The "what if" game is hazardous so take a giant step forward and do what is best for you right now.

    1. It's a scary game for sure, thank you Pam.x

  2. Yarrow, the Universe IS on your side! ☺ I love that the gentleman offered you all of those goodies!