Tuesday, 11 July 2017


That's all I seem to be doing at the moment! That and frequent runs to the tip or charity shop. I'm amazed at how little value is placed on books these days! I managed to sell a whole bag full for a measly £5 when I knew full well there were some collectables in there, but I guess it was better than a kick in the teeth!
It's a shame that as a society we care so little about reusing things. I love second hand items. I love the feeling of using a tool that's been repaired and cared for, or reading a book that's clearly been read over and over. I found a lovely crochet blanket in a charity shop once for less than £5 and I had to have it, just for the love and time that went into making it.
Clearing out my home has made me realise that I'll only be keeping the things I really cherish and I'll mourn all the wasted money on items that I wanted for no good reason!

This purchase, however, I bought for a very good reason! I really, really wanted it ;) The ebay seller contacted me and simply said 'make an offer', so I made a silly offer and it was mine! I stressed so much that I'd probably bought something nasty and full of poopy bits, but no! Barely a handful of waste was in the fleece.
 It was dirty, but plain old dirt, that's all. The fibers were long and crinkly and I had to wash it right away.
 My son commented on the wool people enjoying the sun, haha!
 And look at how soft and fluffy it is now. I can't wait to spin it, but it's been packed with the rest and will be on it's way to France next week!
 A very rare picture of me and my lovely BF <3
 I had Walley for the day again on Sunday and he and Manchee had a great time in the woods, running everywhere really quickly!
Tomorrow we're off to Brittany. We'll be taking a few things to store and will spend some time at our house. I can't wait :D


  1. I LOVE the photo of you and your boyfriend! It's nice to see a face to go along with the posts :)...gosh, I know how you feel about mourning the waste of money...we had a lot of that going on and we put a stop to it. We will buy second hand first now; and only things we need. We do "splurge" on books every month, but they are usually used as well. Enjoy your day!

  2. Thank you Rain, I knew you'd understand my money rant :D
    Speak when I get back.xx

  3. i really likes your blog and You have shared the whole concept really well. and Very beautifully soulful read! thanks for sharing.