Wednesday, 23 November 2016

More from France.

The weather has been so windy and stormy in England this week that it's quite difficult to remember back to the quiet, gentle days of our stay in France. There are times since I've been back that I've almost been overwhelmed with longing for the peace and solitude - soon we'll return.
The warm still evenings, sat outside with a bottle of Blonde as we watched the sunset
and the crisp sunrises, damp with mist and dew
as the sleepy Hamlet slowly woke up with little hurry to start the day.

We foraged in the woods and used the bounty there to make our food delicious.
Pork, apple and chestnut stuffing for a very delicious roast.
The sunsets were amazing, even as the mist descended, dragons roamed the skies.
Nearby was the holy well of Saint Germaine. A whole day is celebrated in his honour and the Hamlet is overrun with visitors.
Generally speaking, Christian wells are usually created at the sites of ancient springs, sometimes dedicated to much older deities (dare I say Pagan?). I found the original spring and where it burst out of the undergrowth. We followed it.
The woods around the spring were abundant in all things from mushrooms to whole carpets of fat juicy chestnuts.
The pathway was well used and further along we followed some very large hoofprints. Someone had ridden a big horse along here.
After a spell under heavy undergrowth, the spring emerged and grew into a small river. This was the beautiful light under the heavy autumn canopy.
Where the trees thinned out we heard wolves. Thankfully they were the other side of the clearing and heading away from us. It was a special moment, but I wasn't ready to meet them.
My companion wanted to know what I was photographing. "Nothing!" I fibbed ;)
The Fly Agaric were quite impressive and I did expect to see a fairy or two. I wonder if they're very different to English fairies???
It doesn't look so impressive here, but we called this the 'Indiana Jones' bridge as it was above the river, rickety and ready to collapse at any moment. We still used it to get across though. The horse had waded through and up the bank. I don't blame him!
Back home I had to dry my boots out as they were thoroughly soaked and so were my feet!
I may have a few more pictures to share before I give in and stop daydreaming about another place. My home needs some work, especially in the garden which looks like a tornado stopped for a visit!

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