Sunday, 20 March 2016

Walking slowly!

It's been a slow start to the New Year due to many Fibro flares but I'm still walking, even if it is at a snails pace!

I discovered that my modest phone camera had a few special effects and I've had great fun using Manchee as a model.  He looks good in sepia!
Lots of my usual walks take on a mysterious and bleak look in sepia. I love it, it suits my mood sometimes.
Action shots can't wait for me to change the settings though and now that Manchee has a new walking pal I have to be quick. They are both bonkers!!!
The lane behind the ponies field has been flooded for most of the year, but this was at it's deepest. My boots were nearly swamped!
Another atmospheric picture of my favourite cornfield. The corn husks are like the bones of last summer!
Manchee is waiting for his chance to once more run along the towering rows of corn.
My favourite woods are beside the cornfields. Close to home and within easy walking distance, we go there whenever we can.
The bluebells are beginning to unfold, so I left the colour in this picture as a promise of Spring on it's way.
Tiny Ramsoms are popping up all over the woodland floor. I often collect them throughout the season and have them with cheese for lunch. They have a mild garlic flavour when young, but soon they'll be much stronger. I know these woods well and never collect from the same place twice, always picking only what I need. I know that these are Ramsons because in full bloom they have the distinctive white flowers and heavy garlic smell. Never pick anything that you are unsure of. I also avoid picking from along the paths as most dogs that walk here love to 'sprinkle' every green thing in reach, haha!
This week I'll be back in the Studio and I hope to put some of my walking inspiration into my work.

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