Sunday, 12 July 2020

Growing up in the 70's

There's been a resurgence in films and series set in the 70's and 80's for a while now and while I mostly emjoy the nostalgia, the memories are bitter sweet. Maybe they are for most of us remembering our younger years!

I've been planting up the flower garden in front of the house and found some little pots of 'Pinks' in the local supermarket. As I planted them, the scent reminded me of a strong memory from my youth and the bouquet of pinks I carried at my cousins wedding.

I was 11 and had finally, at last, been asked to be a bridesmaid, something I'd wanted for so long as so many of my friends had shown off photos of their own happy days at school. I was slim with very long blonde hair and I had every intention of being a perfect princess. The day started with a trip to the hairdresser where my hair was to be adorned with a multitude of flowers, I was sooo excited. Once I was sure no scissors were involved I relaxed into the pampering of many women. I opened my eyes and actually cried in the chair. I had a freaking massive beehive studded with a million pink silk daisies. So many of the 'lovely' women including my mum and the bride herself convinced me that I looked great, no, beautiful, and I caved in and stopped trying to rip that shit off my head. I left the salon and walked right into a boy from school who laughed so much that he probably wet himself, serves him right!

I spent the day looking like a 50 year old bar lady (Rovers Return, for the Brits) in a long pink tutu! I went to bed and left the monstrosity in place just to see how long it held and there was so much hairspray on that helmet that I woke up looking like a blonde Marg Simpson!

Sunday night, I pulled out every single one of the 100 pins holding the mess in place and my hair fell in a cascade of curls down my back. Just how I should have looked on that horrid day! I went to school the next day, a fair, tousled Kate Bush and not a single boy laughed!

Isn't it amazing how a simple scent can bring back such a vivid array of memories. All of this went through my head as I planted my garden!

This is the border before the hard work. It's been seriously neglected for a couple of years as the house and then the Potager took priority.
 Empty of weeds and a top dressing of store bought compost it was ready to be planted. Some pale pink and blue perrenials and some wild flowers were added to tone down the bright pink roses. Whilst the colour of the roses is a little too electric for me, their scent is intoxicating, hence the addition of cool blues and soft pinks. The Rosemary and sage at the front are our favourite kitchen herbs so I added some Tarragon and chives for culinary use.

I'll share another picture as soon as it all starts to fill out. I've also planted some mixed wildflowers, but I haven't a clue what's actually grown! I'm hoping the slugs stay off long enough for me to find out!!!


  1. My memories of the 60's and 70's were of traveling from Germany to the U.S. then to the Panama Canal Zone. My dad was in the army. we traveled a lot. I remember my hair being very long and blonde too, now brown and going gray.

  2. I would have loved to travel, Leanna, making up for it now a bit :)

  3. Oh how many a young maiden has been made to suffer in the name of bridesmaid duty! x

  4. A beehive vs long curls - can't outshine the bride, you know!

  5. Hi Yarrow! What a memory! I laughed at the Marge Simpson reference lol...was it really that HIGH??? :) I have memories triggered, especially from scent, it's amazing how the brain remembers. I was born in 1968 so I had that 70's 80's upbringing too. I mostly remember the 80's music though. Your garden is looking nice! I hope the slugs bugger off around here too! :)